NINJAKEES: Manga Works – Official Trailer (2020)

Last year finally made the trailer of the Youtube channel: NINJAKEES, to show what the channel is all about. I had thoughts about making a trailer for the channel many times before and now it’s finally there. It took a while to put it all together and what i wanted to tell in the trailer, to show the most important parts in a short time span in an EPIC way. It could be a bit better here and there, with the camera quality and better scenes, but overall i am happy how it turned out. I can always make a new and better one later.

Last year participated in The 100th Tezuka Manga Awards. I started recording parts of the process and making video logs about it, while being in the state of manga making.
Here is the first video: WHAT HAVE I DONE!? – 100th Tezuka Manga Award 2020✒️ – Aspiring Mangaka Vlog 1🔥

You can SEEK me anywhere by the NAME : @NINJAKEES