Drawing The Jew Hunter (Won by Martoufff)

A while ago did a give away for reaching 100 subs on Youtube and one on Twitch. It was around Xmass time, Martoufff won the one on twitch and requested the Jew Hunter from the Movie Inglourious Bastards. Yes i know, a long time ago, after a some waiting, Martoufff received the package for the picture,

then waiting a bit longer for the picture and even longer for me to finally make the video edit happen. And after around six long months it is finally here, well better then waiting for six years right! Jahaha xD

In this video i will be drawing the Jew Hunter and talking about some stuff over in the video. Still figuring out some entertaining way, to show drawings in a video and talking over it. If you have some topics or questions for a video you can leave a comment in the videos.

Also want to thank everyone that joined in the giveaways, if you still remember it, haha! and thank you for keeping it up so far. As of today reached 190 subs on Youtube, almost doubled. Thank you Ninjas! Let’s make that 200 happen! Awhhh Yeah! 😀

Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!

– Ninjakees



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