Some basic rules for your name.

– Your name or surname and last name or nickname or username.
– 1 name per person.
– 1 slot per person.
– Send your name in your pledge message or reach me at or at the other social medias
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) for your name information.
– Pledge minimum amount in dollars or euros (Don’t have paypal? Want another way? Contact me.)

– Offensive names (name will be declined)
– To sexual names
– Advertisement names
– Website link names

– This is the first step for me to grow becoming a full-time manga-creator, live from it and beyond!
– When pledged, it is non refundable.
– You can pledge the minimum amount, if you want to pledge more that is also possible.
– Don’t have paypal? Want another way? Contact me.
– For contact or questions, and at the social medias.

I am grateful for every single one of you who is able to pledge and believe in this project!
However it is not expected to do this, i am grateful for all the support in Any Way, Shape or Form! When it is reading Party Time, liking, sharing, commenting, telling other people
about it my stuff, things like that! That is Great! You’re Great!

T h a n k y o u v e r y m u c h ! <3
M y F e l l o w N i n j a M 8 s !
Arigato Gozaimasu! ありがと ございま す! (^w^)

– Ninjakees, 29 Nov 2017