My First Manga Published & Give Away!

YO NINJAS! A brand new youtube video, where i talk about my first ever published manga, that also is laying in the stores over here. New achievement unlocked! Awhhh Yeah! Special thanks to Susanna Heinen from the magazine the Aniway, that gave me the chance to do that! ­čśë

Also check out the video to win one of the magazines! All you have to do is 1.subscribe to the Youtube channel : NINJAKEES, 2.like the video en 3.comment your favorite character in the video!

Thank you Ninjas! Goodluck! May the Ninjas be in your favor!

Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!

– Ninjakees

P.S You can also order it on www.aniway.nl, http://www.aniway.nl/shop/lossenummers/ i believe, the manga is in the magazine “Aniway Number #48“, right now i can only see #47, but they probably make it later available ­čÖé Also will publish the manga later here on the website ­čśë