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    NINJAKEES: Manga Works – Official Trailer (2020)

    Last year finally made the trailer of the Youtube channel: NINJAKEES, to show what the channel is all about. I had thoughts about making a trailer for the channel many times before and now it’s finally there. It took a while to put it all together and what i wanted to tell in the trailer, to show the most important parts in a short time span in an EPIC way. It could be a bit better here and there, with the camera quality and better scenes, but overall i am happy how it turned out. I can always make a new and better one later. Last year participated in The…

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    IT’S A MAD MANGA WORLD!⭐ A few days ago was interviewed by Annick from cultuurparticipatie. You can read it here (in Dutch): 📖 http://bit.ly/32rhrys ▶️ www.cultuurparticipatie.nl It’s about being a aspiring Manga Creator and the things i create, the ups and downs between them and things like that. It’s a place for Dutch culture and creators who make it happen. You can take a peek behind their worlds and what they create in them. This all started thanks to @esthervandebund 📸 Photography by @daantjes_pictures                                  

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    Curly Skullhead – Let’s Fight!

    Curly Skullhead “Let’s Fight!” The main character of The Manga Works i am Building. It’s an Shonen Type of Manga named, “Party Time”. Probably have to rebuild everything i have done so far, to make it more of The Shonen Manga Way. That’s it for now, Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally! To be Continued…                                  

  • Party Time - Ground Works

    PARTY TIME – Ground Works 004

    PARTY TIME – Ground Works 004 “Comics are an international language, they can cross boundaries and generations. Comics are a bridge between all cultures.” – Osamu Tezuka – Trying out new things with the main character. “His hair is not sexy”, was one of the comments i got at the livestreams. Which i why tried a new approach to his hair style. Then i later i thought,” Wait a second, does he even need to have sexy hair? And even if i do change it to sexy hair in ones eyes, another person might say again, oh, this isn’t sexy”. Hmmmm… – Follow on Twitch and Subscribe on Youtube to…

  • Party Time - Ground Works

    PARTY TIME – Ground Works 003

    PARTY TIME – Ground Works 003 “Manga is Entertainment” The next batch of drawings i did on the last livestreams on Twitch and Youtube for the Manga, “Party Time”. – You can SEEK me anywhere by the NAME : @NINJAKEES                              

  • Party Time - Ground Works

    PARTY TIME – Ground Works 002

    PARTY TIME – Ground Works 002 “Manga is a Way of Communicating” A few of the batch of drawings i did for Party Time the manga series i am working on. Did these on the Live Streams on Twitch and Youtube. Will upload the rest of the batch of drawings in the next posts. – You can SEEK me anywhere by the NAME : @NINJAKEES