PARTY TIME – Ground Works 001

PARTY TIME – Ground Works 001
A few Party Time sketches of Curly, the main character of the story. Compiled some of the sketches from seperated papers together, sortoff like a digital sketchbook. I prefer to draw on seperated papers, instead of a sketchbook. How about you?

Planning to upload more stuff like this later on. Let me know if you Ninjas want to see more stuff like this in the comments @ the socials @ninjakees. Thank you.

Note: Party Time is a Manga i am currently working on. It is going really, really slow, A Gigantic Project!




Yo Ninjas! The first few pages of Party Time are up and ready to be read!

Also started this week to make video logs about creating the manga PARTY TIME, which you can see on my Youtube channel : Ninjakees or over here :

These are the first two videos that i have created of it.  With these videos i try to show you the process of creating the manga series Party Time. The edits might not be that high of quality, it is something like you sitting in the room with me and we have a little chat. What i think is important to show some of the stuff that takes to create a manga like this and in the future able to back track how it happened. Next to that a viewership, eyeballs is important for getting your stuff out there, letting people know what you are doing, building some sort of  an Party with You Ninjas 🙂

NUMBER ONE – The Start & Progress of making The Manga Party Time ft Eelco | PARTY TIME 001

MAKING MANGA – Work in Progress of Party Time ft Fadewatcher | PARTY TIME 002



Yo Ninjas! Finally finished this new video where a draw a halloween monster 🙂
Mostly used a mechanical pencil, ink and markers! In the video i talk more in depth about it the process of creating such a piece.

Have a Great Day and Week! 😀 Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!

– Ninjakees



Yo Ninjas! Back streaming on Twitch, here is the link :
You can also give a follow on Twitch to get a notification, when i am back on track, drawing on the Twitch channel by email! 🙂

Will be streaming on twitch a few times a week, to share the drawing progress of Party Time ( The Manga series i am currently creating), Illustrations, Sketches, things like that and have some fun with my Ninjas! Meeting old and new Ninja M8s on this adventure! 😀

See you there! Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!


We got 310 followers and counting, First Sub and 10000 views!

Yesterday got our first subscriber at twitch, at first i couldn’t believe it, heard stories about subscribers, the tales of the folks that have been there already. Then realized it finally it happened, it was true! The First Ninja M8. “DragonDude03” joined the Ninja-Sub-Train! Thankyou very much my fellow Ninja M8!

Next to that we hit the 10000 views, a nice looking round number! And not to forget we hit the 300 follower mile stone! Thankyou very much my fellow Ninja M8s for joining the ride so far on Twitch and at the other places! We have still lots of stuff to explore! Lets make it awesome! Lets make it Party! THE DRUNKEN STREAM!

The stream will be up in running in about 1 hour from now! Stay tuned Ninjas! Have a Great One!



BEST BOOK EVER!🌟 A few days ago got this epic artbook from They gave me the opportunity to create this artbook and letting them know what i think about their product.

The quality is really good of this book. It is solid and can resist water. However it is not bendable and matt. It has a shiny gloss on it and a strong type of paper. If it is even called paper, it has a kinda of texture like placematts, the things that you eat on, which can be easily cleaned.

This kind of book is in my taste opinion recommandable for solid though artbooks and photobooks. I believe it is originally for photobooks, however you can make it what you want it to be, like for example, an artbook. Which i did.

I want to thank the people of Saal Digitaal for creating this amazing and first Ninjakees artbook and chance to create it.
Thankyou Saal Digitaal! Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!👊😃😎❤🌟🎶

For more info about creating your own artbook/ photobook you can check out their website here : Saal-Digital

Next to this review i also uploaded a video @ Youtube : Ninjakees, titel : Best Book Ever, where i show and speak in more detail about this book. Enjoy my Fellow Ninja M8s!👊😃🍻


Yo Ninjas! Upload a new video on Youtube about this new book i received. It is my first Ninjakees artbook ever and it looks awesome! This artbook was possible because of, which allowed me to make such an artbook. The quality is really nice and got a fast delivery. More details about that in de video. Enjoy! (^w^)

Have a Great Day and Week! 😀

Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!

– Ninjakees



Today, yesterday now, uploaded two of my short mangas that i made a few days ago. One was for a magazine called, “Aniway“, it is a Dutch anime, manga and games magazine where they have at the last few pages of the magazine a short manga. It is a 3 monthly magazine, 4 times a year a new issue and got the chance to make a short manga for it all thanks to Susanna Heinen. Yesterday finally translated it from Dutch to English and upload it here on the website. The short manga is called, “Ninja Burger”. Next to that, if you have missed it, i also made a Youtube video about Ninja Burger, my first actual published manga, which you can watch >> HERE

The second manga i made for the Silent Manga Audition, number 07, the theme was Unforgetable Taste. There are more than one of these competitions each year and they are growing in popularity. These competitions are from Japan and without words, so foreigeners who can’t speak or write Japanese can participate easier. So i finally participated in this quest. The short manga, “Starfood”, was my first entry for the Silent Manga Audition. Unfortunately it didn’t make the ranks, but from the winners i can understand that, they made it way better. I am still happy that i participated. Even when i didn’t win one of the ranks, still have a short manga done for my fellow Ninja M8s to read, however, that doesn’t make me quit wanting to win one of them in the future.

Both of these short mangas where on my list to do one day, now finally have done it and am happy to finally show them to you Ninjas. Thinking about going to participate more times with the Silent Manga Audtions some days in the future and this time to hit the ranks. This is also the kees for more short mangas for the Aniway, when to opportunity comes along my path.

Well that is mostly it for now, hope you find some kind of entertainment in these two mangas. Thankyou for reading and until the next Ninja Note! Have a Great Week! Ninjabox!~ Ishhh!~ Digitally!~