Curly Skullhead – Let’s Fight!

Curly Skullhead
“Let’s Fight!”

The main character of The Manga Works i am Building.
It’s an Shonen Type of Manga named, “Party Time”.

Probably have to rebuild everything i have done so far,
to make it more of The Shonen Manga Way.

That’s it for now, Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!
To be Continued…





Today, yesterday now, uploaded two of my short mangas that i made a few days ago. One was for a magazine called, “Aniway“, it is a Dutch anime, manga and games magazine where they have at the last few pages of the magazine a short manga. It is a 3 monthly magazine, 4 times a year a new issue and got the chance to make a short manga for it all thanks to Susanna Heinen. Yesterday finally translated it from Dutch to English and upload it here on the website. The short manga is called, “Ninja Burger”. Next to that, if you have missed it, i also made a Youtube video about Ninja Burger, my first actual published manga, which you can watch >> HERE

The second manga i made for the Silent Manga Audition, number 07, the theme was Unforgetable Taste. There are more than one of these competitions each year and they are growing in popularity. These competitions are from Japan and without words, so foreigeners who can’t speak or write Japanese can participate easier. So i finally participated in this quest. The short manga, “Starfood”, was my first entry for the Silent Manga Audition. Unfortunately it didn’t make the ranks, but from the winners i can understand that, they made it way better. I am still happy that i participated. Even when i didn’t win one of the ranks, still have a short manga done for my fellow Ninja M8s to read, however, that doesn’t make me quit wanting to win one of them in the future.

Both of these short mangas where on my list to do one day, now finally have done it and am happy to finally show them to you Ninjas. Thinking about going to participate more times with the Silent Manga Audtions some days in the future and this time to hit the ranks. This is also the kees for more short mangas for the Aniway, when to opportunity comes along my path.

Well that is mostly it for now, hope you find some kind of entertainment in these two mangas. Thankyou for reading and until the next Ninja Note! Have a Great Week! Ninjabox!~ Ishhh!~ Digitally!~


My First Manga Published & Give Away!

YO NINJAS! A brand new youtube video, where i talk about my first ever published manga, that also is laying in the stores over here. New achievement unlocked! Awhhh Yeah! Special thanks to Susanna Heinen from the magazine the Aniway, that gave me the chance to do that! 😉

Also check out the video to win one of the magazines! All you have to do is 1.subscribe to the Youtube channel : NINJAKEES, the video en 3.comment your favorite character in the video!

Thank you Ninjas! Goodluck! May the Ninjas be in your favor!

Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!

– Ninjakees

P.S You can also order it on, i believe, the manga is in the magazine “Aniway Number #48“, right now i can only see #47, but they probably make it later available 🙂 Also will publish the manga later here on the website 😉


PRACTICE!🌟 Time for an artdump! Jahaha!😃
With a blue pencil at the airport schiphol last sunday.

Each of these drawings is in like 1 minute or less, these where the live drawings i have done,
really hard to capture people when the next second they move and take different poses.

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