NINJAKEES: Manga Works – Official Trailer (2020)

Last year finally made the trailer of the Youtube channel: NINJAKEES, to show what the channel is all about. I had thoughts about making a trailer for the channel many times before and now it’s finally there. It took a while to put it all together and what i wanted to tell in the trailer, to show the most important parts in a short time span in an EPIC way. It could be a bit better here and there, with the camera quality and better scenes, but overall i am happy how it turned out. I can always make a new and better one later.

Last year participated in The 100th Tezuka Manga Awards. I started recording parts of the process and making video logs about it, while being in the state of manga making.
Here is the first video: WHAT HAVE I DONE!? – 100th Tezuka Manga Award 2020✒️ – Aspiring Mangaka Vlog 1🔥

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A few days ago was interviewed by Annick from cultuurparticipatie.

You can read it here (in Dutch):

It’s about being a aspiring Manga Creator and the things i create, the ups and downs between them and things like that.

It’s a place for Dutch culture and creators who make it happen. You can take a peek behind their worlds and what they create in them.

This all started thanks to @esthervandebund
📸 Photography by @daantjes_pictures




Curly Skullhead – Let’s Fight!

Curly Skullhead
“Let’s Fight!”

The main character of The Manga Works i am Building.
It’s an Shonen Type of Manga named, “Party Time”.

Probably have to rebuild everything i have done so far,
to make it more of The Shonen Manga Way.

That’s it for now, Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!
To be Continued…




PARTY TIME – Ground Works 004

PARTY TIME – Ground Works 004
“Comics are an international language, they can cross boundaries and generations.
Comics are a bridge between all cultures.” – Osamu Tezuka

Trying out new things with the main character. “His hair is not sexy”, was one of the comments i got at the livestreams. Which i why tried a new approach to his hair style. Then i later i thought,” Wait a second, does he even need to have sexy hair? And even if i do change it to sexy hair in ones eyes, another person might say again, oh, this isn’t sexy”. Hmmmm…

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PARTY TIME – Ground Works 003

PARTY TIME – Ground Works 003
“Manga is Entertainment”
The next batch of drawings i did on the last livestreams on Twitch and Youtube for the Manga, “Party Time”.

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PARTY TIME – Ground Works 002

PARTY TIME – Ground Works 002
“Manga is a Way of Communicating”
A few of the batch of drawings i did for Party Time the manga series i am working on. Did these on the Live Streams on Twitch and Youtube. Will upload the rest of the batch of drawings in the next posts.

You can SEEK me anywhere by the NAME : @NINJAKEES