Curly Skullhead – Let’s Fight!

Curly Skullhead
“Let’s Fight!”

The main character of The Manga Works i am Building.
It’s an Shonen Type of Manga named, “Party Time”.

Probably have to rebuild everything i have done so far,
to make it more of The Shonen Manga Way.

That’s it for now, Ninjabox! Ishhh! Digitally!
To be Continued…




PARTY TIME – Ground Works 004

PARTY TIME – Ground Works 004
“Comics are an international language, they can cross boundaries and generations.
Comics are a bridge between all cultures.” – Osamu Tezuka

Trying out new things with the main character. “His hair is not sexy”, was one of the comments i got at the livestreams. Which i why tried a new approach to his hair style. Then i later i thought,” Wait a second, does he even need to have sexy hair? And even if i do change it to sexy hair in ones eyes, another person might say again, oh, this isn’t sexy”. Hmmmm…

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PARTY TIME – Ground Works 003

PARTY TIME – Ground Works 003
“Manga is Entertainment”
The next batch of drawings i did on the last livestreams on Twitch and Youtube for the Manga, “Party Time”.

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PARTY TIME – Ground Works 002

PARTY TIME – Ground Works 002
“Manga is a Way of Communicating”
A few of the batch of drawings i did for Party Time the manga series i am working on. Did these on the Live Streams on Twitch and Youtube. Will upload the rest of the batch of drawings in the next posts.

You can SEEK me anywhere by the NAME : @NINJAKEES


PARTY TIME – Ground Works 001

PARTY TIME – Ground Works 001
A few Party Time sketches of Curly, the main character of the story. Compiled some of the sketches from seperated papers together, sortoff like a digital sketchbook. I prefer to draw on seperated papers, instead of a sketchbook. How about you?

Planning to upload more stuff like this later on. Let me know if you Ninjas want to see more stuff like this in the comments @ the socials @ninjakees. Thank you.

Note: Party Time is a Manga i am currently working on. It is going really, really slow, A Gigantic Project!




Yo Ninjas! The first few pages of Party Time are up and ready to be read!

Also started this week to make video logs about creating the manga PARTY TIME, which you can see on my Youtube channel : Ninjakees or over here :

These are the first two videos that i have created of it.  With these videos i try to show you the process of creating the manga series Party Time. The edits might not be that high of quality, it is something like you sitting in the room with me and we have a little chat. What i think is important to show some of the stuff that takes to create a manga like this and in the future able to back track how it happened. Next to that a viewership, eyeballs is important for getting your stuff out there, letting people know what you are doing, building some sort of  an Party with You Ninjas 🙂

NUMBER ONE – The Start & Progress of making The Manga Party Time ft Eelco | PARTY TIME 001

MAKING MANGA – Work in Progress of Party Time ft Fadewatcher | PARTY TIME 002